The History of Whaling: In the Heart of Mystic Seaport

There is no shortage of larger-than-life tales surrounding whales and the sea. But behind those epic legends are the equally astounding tales of the men and women who really lived the whaling life. “Voyaging in the Wake of the Whalers” is an interactive exploration of America’s relationship with whales and whaling, now on view at Mystic Seaport. True stories of life onboard whaleships and in seaside towns are woven throughout the exhibit, told through ship models, souvenirs, and never-before-seen artifacts.

Visitors can delve into the exhibit’s “Dive Deeper” stations, featuring timelines, videos, maps, and games to further bring the whaling industry to life. A large projection globe even follows the path of the whaleship Charles W. Morgan’s very first voyage in 1841.

Throughout the course of the exhibit, artifacts and multimedia exhibits bring us all the way to 2014, the year of the Morgan’s historic 38th Voyage. The most recent chapter in our whaling history is told through the eyes of the artists, scientists, and other diverse crew who took the vessel back to sea.

From whale hunting to whale watching, “Voyaging in the Wake of the Whalers” tells the rich story of a culture shaped by these unique creatures.