Maritime Paintings at Mystic Seaport

How do you cull an astonishing collection of art into a brief snapshot? How do you capture the breathtaking assortment of historic images from a battle on the Hudson River to the side-wheel steamer Connecticut? With artists as varied as Charles Raleigh, Dominic Serres, Hendricks Hallett, and Milton Burns, the collection of classic paintings at Mystic Seaport is one of America’s greatest treasures. The events depicted range from the sublime dawn of “Boston Harbor at Low Tide” to the majestic five-masted schooner Jennie DuBois, which at time of launch in 1902, was the largest vessel ever built on the Mystic River. Certainly everyone has a favorite among the many works of art in the collection, but one that seems to capture the lure of the sea for so many is the Milton Burns painting of nine men in a boat with nets. Like those heading down to sea today, they were “Waiting for the Fish to School!”

  • Port View of Clipper Ship, Galatea, under full sail on starboard tack, built 1854 in Charlestown, MA

  • H.M.S. Phoenix, Rose, Asia and Experiment Being Attacked by American fire ships in the Hudson River” by Dominic Serres (16 Aug 1776). Oil painting on canvas.

  • Artist Charles Raleigh captured the event of Capt. Thomas Crapo and his wife sailing across the Atlantic, from New Bedford to England, in their modified 20 ft. long whaleboat, for 56 days at sea, in 1877.

  • Waiting for the Fish to School” by Milton J. Burns (1853 – 1933). Oil painting on canvas.

  • Boston Harbor at Low Tide” by Hendricks A. Hallett (1847 – 1921)

  • Port view of side-wheel steamer, Connecticut, built 1848 by J. Bard (New York 1873). Oil painting on canvas.

  • When launched in 1902, the five-masted schooner, Jennie R. Dubois, was the largest vessel ever built on the Mystic River. She measured 249 feet long and weighed 2.237 tons. Painting by S.F.M. Badger.