Jack N.

Way too many fantastic experiences in the 3 years I’ve been a Member here: Have volunteered in Visitor Center, Rigging and at Viking Days. Helped make blocks and standing rigging for Mayflower ll. Toured Collections with Fred Carabetta and heard lectures by Fred and famous authors including Howard Veitch. Even got to hang out with Howard while he was working on Greta ll. Wandered Watercraft Hall. Enjoyed plenty of chanteys and countless demonstrations by the very talented Interpreters. Marched with Vikings in the Irish Day Parade. Personal tours of Mayflower ll during renovation. Witnessed stepping of masts on Morgan & Mayflower, shiplifts of Mayflower & Draken. Helped maintain and gave deck tours on Draken and then got to crew(!) for two weeks during 2018 tour. Many many more experiences and still so much to explore but BEST are the fascinating people I’ve met, how much I’ve learned from these world class experts and how nice everyone has been to this Swabbie. It’s an honor to be part of Mystic Seaport