Blacksmiths of the Seas: Shipsmith Forges On at Mystic Seaport

1850s Heavy Metal Is Alive.

In an 1850s seafaring town like Mystic you couldn’t run down to the Whaling-Depot-R-Us store to pick up a sister hook or belaying pin. Instead you headed over to the shipsmiths – a blacksmith that specialized in creating what was needed aboard ship – and a few days and a lot of hammering of hot metal on anvils you got your new sister hook or belaying pin.

It was hard work. Cold in winter and wicked hot in summer, but it was a family tradition that can today be traced to the James Driggs Shipsmith Shop now at Mystic Seaport.

In fact, you – yes, you – can take your turn making objet d’art of your own design.  Classes are offered and here’s a peek at what – who knows – might become your favorite hobby.