Voyaging in the Wake of Whalers: Behind the Scenes of Maritime History at Mystic Seaport

Exhibit now open! 

Throughout the 38th Voyage of the Charles W. Morgan, America’s last wooden whaleship, the fascinating story of the history of whaling travelled throughout New England ports to enlighten and educate. This floating museum engaged the public while vividly bringing to life the world of the whaleships of the 1800s. Back in port at Mystic Seaport, her stories continue being told.

The history of the whaling industry and many of its astonishing tales come to life in a vibrant and compelling new exhibit, “Voyaging in the Wake of Whalers,” at Mystic Seaport. This is the epic story of America’s journey from whale hunting to whale watching. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the 4,000-square-foot exhibit was imagined, designed, and created.