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The Museum’s eastern-rig dragger ROANN, built in 1944, is one of the last surviving examples of the fishing vessels that replaced sailing schooners like the L.A. DUNTON. Draggers completed the revolutionary advance from sail to engine, and from hooks to nets, in New England fishing technology. ROANN is powered by a diesel engine and dragging a large conical fishnet called an otter trawl along the seabed. ROANN and her crew of three could catch cod and haddock twice as fast as dorymen from a vessel like the DUNTON.

Guess the Vessel At Mystic Seaport Museum

Did you guess right? In our “Guess the Vessel” game we will be sharing a blurred photo of one of our vessels on our social profiles, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See how well you know the vessels at Mystic Seaport…