Lighting The Way For Ships: Learning about Lighthouses at Mystic Seaport

Imagine you have braved the wintery north Atlantic in a rough and tumble fishing vessel or in the opulent elegance of a more modern ocean liner. Or, perhaps you’re just sailing your single-masted sailboat. You’re searching, through the darkest night, with ice crystals forming on your eyelids and a nor’easter bearing down on you, for some sign of a safe harbor. Then you spot that beacon.

From 30 miles away you can see the Lighthouse light. Sanctuary is spotted, safety, while not assured, is at least within your grasp.  Lighthouses hold a special place for people who love the sea. They’ve been around for millennia and even today, with GPS and radar, they stand as sentinels of the night for sailors around the world.  Here’s a fascinating look at one such lighthouse, the harbor lighthouse at Mystic Seaport.