Journey to Restoration: Mayflower II at Mystic Seaport

The job of a shipwright is not just to preserve the vessel, but also to maintain all the history she carries. For Mayflower II, that precious cargo is the legacy the Pilgrims left when they boarded the original Mayflower nearly 400 years ago.

Mayflower II, a full-scale reproduction owned by Plimoth Plantation, has served as a floating classroom since her construction in 1957. In partnership with Plimoth Plantation, the knowledgeable craftspeople at the Museum’s Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard are ensuring she is able tell her story for generations.

Through the restoration of Mayflower II and a range of other large wooden vessels, the shipwrights at Mystic Seaport are helping to keep the art of shipbuilding alive. Using a combination of traditional and modern tools and techniques to honor her original construction, craftspeople are performing major repairs throughout the ship’s decks and rigging.

While hundreds line the shores of the Mystic River to welcome Mayflower II when she is towed between Plymouth and Mystic for her restoration, the crew looks forward to sailing the beauty up the coast once again.