Melanie H.

I was surprised last year with a membership, and going to the seaport on a regular basis rekindled my love of all things nautical and aquatic. It’s a great place to be reminded of our history and also to look…

Detail from a Sea Letter for the CHARLES W. MORGAN dated 1859.

A Sea Letter for the CHARLES W. MORGAN

In October of 1859 Captain James Hamilton took over command of the CHARLES W. MORGAN for a voyage to the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans. Along the way the MORGAN made stops in Chile, Hawaii and Japan among other places….

Tool Sharpening, Part 5: Shipwright Show & Tell

Virtual Learning In Part 5 of our Tool Sharpening series, watch as Shipwright, Chris Sanders takes us through a “show and tell” of the interesting and unusual tools used by shipwrights. Age Recommendation: High School – Adult

Introduction to Charts and Basic Navigation: Part 3

Collections Corner Join our Yachts on Exhibit Operations Coordinator, Nicholas Alley, to learn the fundamentals of finding your location using maritime charts and traditional tools. We will cover different types of charts, plotting tools, and how to use a compass…