History in Bloom: The Gardens at Mystic Seaport

Some days you may just need an escape.  A day, surrounded by nature. By beauty. By living growing things. It’s all about finding moments of real relaxation and harmony. Nature has a way of bringing calm and peace into our busy, hectic lives. It enriches us and reminds us of what’s really important.

That’s why we invite you to treat yourself to a day of tranquil joy. One at the Gardens at Mystic Seaport.  The many special and distinct gardens, spread out over 19 acres, include two formal 19th-century gardens. The Burrows House and the Buckingham Hall gardens portray the social order, economy and cultural pursuits brought on by the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.  And they are beautiful to behold.

The Gardens at Mystic Seaport contain hundreds of different varieties of plants and flowers that are sure to remind you of the beauty all around us.