What’s your definition of family fun?

Well for most people it’s more than an ice cream cone and a walk through the park. We’re thinking that real family fun means sharing an exciting, memorable – and fun – experience with your kids. For instance, building your own sea-worthy boat or learning to tie nautical knots or making your own candles. Learn to use an ancient navigation tool or explore what life was like on a whaling ship. These are things that families can do together – that bring them together.

Perhaps you’d prefer to gaze at a million stars in a black night sky or explore a sea shore for sea creatures and treasures or maybe just rent a boat and learn to sail under a brilliant sunny sky.

These are the sorts of adventures that bring families together – and hold them together over the years. The shared experiences that shape futures and that are held so dear.  These are just some of the exciting, family-fun things to do at just one place — America’s Maritime Museum – Mystic Seaport.