All Hands on Deck: Volunteers at Mystic Seaport

Some people see it as their mission in life. Others want to indulge a life-long passion for all things of the sea. Still others like to get their hands in the earth and bring forth beauty. There are as many reasons for volunteering at Mystic Seaport, as there are volunteers. Some have been shepherding visitors around the exhibits for more than 25 years. Others heard the call for “all hands on deck” this spring and came running.

Either way, hundreds of volunteers are welcomed with open arms and plenty of challenging tasks. From scraping and painting the hull of the 174-year-old whaleship, Charles W. Morgan, to planting begonias and marigolds to tracking the million photographs in the Rosenfeld Collection. There is no task too small – or large – that the more than 600 dedicated volunteers won’t tackle. And Mystic Seaport is better for it all.