A River of History: Home to Mystic Seaport

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You need to close your eyes. Just for a moment. Take in the sounds of the Mystic River. The water lapping against your small boat. The seagull singing for his supper. The way the wind whispers as it moves through the reeds on the shore. Church bells tolling noontime in the distance. You are on an amazing river, where amazing history has happened.

Four hundred years ago some of the first European settlers found themselves along a river that proved to be a perfect place to create a shipbuilding community. It would take two hundred years and enormous effort but by the mid-1800s there were more than two dozen ship and boatbuildng enterprises nestled along the Mystic River. Mystic Seaport —The Museum of America and the Sea, found its natural home on the banks of these waters and today provides the opportunity for people to capture the joys and adventures of life in a re-created shipbuilding and whaling village.