Introduction to Charts and Basic Navigation: Part 2

Collections Corner Join our Yachts on Exhibit Operations Coordinator, Nicholas Alley, to learn the fundamentals of finding your location using maritime charts and traditional tools. We will cover different types of charts, plotting tools, and how to use a compass…

Make a Messenger Bag – Virtual Learning

Make a messenger bag or purse using traditional sailor’s skills! This class, taught by Nathan Adams, will teach traditional sailmaking, sewing, and rope work skills to craft a shoulder bag. Age Recommendation: Age 10 – Adult

Tool Sharpening, Part 3 – Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Join Museum shipwright Chris Sanders to explore the fundamentals of sharpening different hand tools. This session will focus on sharpening different types of knives. Age Recommendation: High School – Adult

Watercolor Art Demonstration – Joel Popadics

The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport Museum In this video you will learn more about artist Joel Popadics and his process and watercolor technique. Find out how he became interested in the medium and then follow along as he demonstrates…