The Quest for Longitude: Ships, Clocks & Stars at Mystic Seaport

This exhibit at Mystic Seaport is now closed.

See the story of the discovery of longitude and this intriguing traveling exhibit in the video above.
“Where am I?” Sometimes, that seemingly simple question can be a tough one to answer. Sure, all those map and GPS apps we have now can pretty much nail down location. But what about years ago out on the open sea, floating between continents with water, water everywhere? For centuries, the only answer sailors had was, “Who knows exactly?” The fear and helplessness sailors surely felt added to their trials and stress out at sea. Mystic Seaport’s new exhibit “Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest For Longitude” tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude at sea and how one of the greatest technical challenges of the 18th century was eventually solved by the dedicated efforts of astronomers, physicists, clockmakers, sailors, and many others.