Gods, Mortals and Protectors: The Art of Wood Carving Figureheads at Mystic Seaport

Imagine That Face Coming Out Of The Fog!

What do the Kraken, Odin, a Mermaid and Ms. Molly McKim have in common? Each of them has graced the bow of a sailing ship in the form of an intricately carved wooden figurehead.

Figureheads depicting supernatural deities (Odin of Norse mythology) terrifying sea creatures (the hopefully, unreleased Kraken) and loved ones (Ms. McKim) have long been the face coming out of the fog onboard sailing ships that have ventured the world’s oceans. The beauty of their carvings, the intricacies of the detail and the faith placed in each talisman speaks to a world nearly vanished today.

Nearly. There is one place to examine some of the most unique and beautiful figureheads ever created. Mystic Seaport.