Charting the Coast: SeaChange Exhibit at Mystic Seaport

This exhibit at Mystic Seaport is now closed.

As the victors of the Seven Years’ War, Great Britain gained vast territories from France and Spain. To develop a comprehensive understanding of their new acquisitions, they set about extensively charting and mapping these additions to the Empire. The Atlantic Neptune is a spectacular compilation of the engraved maps they produced during the 1660s and 1770s. A breathtaking display of the engravers’ art, The Atlantic Neptune is also a detailed look at the lengths the British went through to develop their understanding of how this new and unfamiliar territory was connected.

The Atlantic Neptune is now on display in the exhibit, SeaChange at Mystic Seaport. The exhibition explores the concept of transformation through maritime artifacts from the museum’s rich collections. The intricate detailing and extensive range of the maps and charts make The Atlantic Neptune a perfect example of the materials, technology, and human threads that connect us all, and all of us with the sea.

SeaChange is now open in the Thompson Exhibition Building.